Scholes holds Pogba as a Liverpool legend

22 Apr

     Former Manchester United star Paul Scholes said that in fact, the midfielder Paul Pogba "Red Devils" have characteristics similar to the legendary Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard.Pogba did not consistently perform as well as Manchester United, although the team had initially paid 89.3 million pounds (approximately) to pull him back from Juventus in the summer of 2016, which made him Is often blamed by many gurus. In fact, Scholes is also one of the people who used to blame him

    Scholes said during the Manchester United podcast, "I've played with Paul a little. And everyone knows how talented they are He played very well with Juventus, did a great job with France in the World Cup and had a great time here. He can do everything as a midfielder. And you might be able to compare him like Steven Gerrard in terms of speed, power, and skills. He can do everything.

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